Donna Kline

This is an exciting time for food in Fort Wayne, and the momentum is only going to increase. I’m very interested in helping the Co-op maintain and expand its unique presence in the mix of traditional grocers, farmers markets and the proposed Public Market at Electric Works.

One of my passions is trying to get to the root of dis-ease in our world; bad food choices, inadequate food education, and lack of easy access to healthy food options all contribute to so many problems. I would love to be part of the Co-op team as we continue and grow our role in these areas and more.

In my experience with other boards, I was seen as someone who could pull disparate views and ideas together to develop something viable. Project management is also a skill of mine, as is writing and editing. I would love to put these skills, my passion for viable food sources for all, and my thoughts on how the Co-op might look toward the future into practice as a Co-op board member.