Own Your Co-op

Why Become a Co-op Owner?

Being a cooperative means that Three Rivers Food Co-op, Inc. is owned by its member owners. It also means that we follow cooperative principles: voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, education of ourselves and the community, and support of other cooperatives. We have been locally and member owned since 1976.

  • Support a locally owned business
  • Strengthen the co-op foundation
  • Support the highest of standards in natural foods
  • Invest in the future
  • Special pricing deals
  • Own it!


Voting privileges in Board of Directors elections and special issues; opportunity to run for and serve on the Board of Directors


  • Weekly owner email including Weekly Fresh Deals and Owner Bonus Buys, bi-weekly sales flyer and Currents newsletter (mail or email)
  • One-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities; volunteers earn a 10% discount
  • Everyday Bonus Buys:
    • Books: 20% off list price
    • Ultra Pure Water: 1 gallon-save 5¢,
      2.5 gallons-save 12¢, 5 gallons-save 25¢
    • “I Shop at the Co-op” Shopping Bags, save 40¢ off regular price
  • Owner Appreciation Voucher 1-2 times a year for a one time savings depending on amount spent
  • “Ownerversary” Savings Voucher sent on anniversary of join date. Save 10% for first 10 years, 15% for 11-19 years, and 20% for 20 years and up!


  • Vote in elections and for special issues
  • Participate in owner surveys
  • Promote your co-op by telling friends and family about the store
  • Attend the annual Owner Appreciation Party
  • Belong to a community with shared values


If an owner wishes to withdraw equity investment the management must be notified in writing. Refunded equity will be distributed within 120 days of notice if the financial conditions of the company are not jeopardized by the refund.


  • Member owner equity investment of $200; payable in one $200 payment or in installments
  • Member owner equity funds do not accrue interest and may be withdrawn (certain conditions apply).
    Refunded equity equates to a cancelled membership.
  • Member owner dues of $12 owed annually
  • Ownership status includes all persons of the same household. One ownership equals one vote.
  • Patronage rebates will be distributed (with Board approval) when fiscally appropriate.