Winter Jam

It’s winter–I can’t make jam! Not so, young ones! Our frozen fruits are often on sale and this month is no exception! Grab some Cascadian Farm Fruit (2/$5) during our second February sales cycle (Feb 17-March 1). This is a particularly good deal if you are an owner as you save an extra 10% on cases–perfect for getting your jam on!

Here is a collection of recipes using frozen jam:
Hitchhiking to Heaven, Making Jam From Frozen Fruit
Jamie Cooks it Up, How to Make Homemade Jam From Frozen Raspberries, Blueberries, and Marionberries
The Organic Prepper, Jam 101: How to Make Jam With Whatever Fruit You Have on Hand
The Messy Baker, Cooked Jam with Frozen Fruit
Simple Baker, How to Make Homemade Jam in 30 Minutes (with no special equipment)

And looking for a small batch jam recipe, perhaps for your Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed? Try this recipe from Chocolate Moosery which requires just 2 cups of strawberries.